CAP Team & Clean Team

Helping Kamloops Shine

In partnership with North Shore BIA the Clean team has expanded to the Downtown Kamloops Business Improvement Area.

The Clean Team is made up of people in our community who are facing barriers to employment, are in housing, or are on a recovery journey within our community. This program lifts these individuals up in their journey to long-term health, while also assisting the business community in the removal of debris and graffiti and maintaining interface landscaping including public planters


Trash Removal Protocol

The Clean Team will remove general trash and small debris on our streets and alleys. The Clean Team does NOT replace your regular commercial waste services. Working with the CSO services, larger items are removed on an as needed basis.

Please contact the NSBIA at 250.376.2411 to ensure your area is on our list if it is within the Downtown core and North Shore business areas.

Graffiti Removal Protocol

The Clean Team Graffiti crew will be removing tags and graffiti as scheduled above. Graffiti/Tags are either removed or covered depending on finish of the surface.

Graffiti/Tags that are painted over are covered with one of our base colours: White, Cream, light Grey or Dark Grey.

Graffiti/Tags are covered based on the size of the tags. The team will not paint entire walls when doing tag covering, unless you are prepared to cover labour at 50.00/hr.

Interface Landscaping


Our landscaping team will provide minimal landscape (weed removal) on the areas that are adjacent to public spaces. This service is at no cost to the property owner. This service does not include mowing or garden box maintenance on private property, it is limited to weed removal that is visible to the surrounding area.

Downtown CAP Team

What’s happening in Downtown Kamloops?
Just Ask the Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team.

Who We Are

The Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team is a group of downtown ambassadors who assist businesses, tourists, and citizens! Our patrol members are responsible for promoting tourism and safety in the downtown core. Both roles are integral to the CAP Team program’s success and an enhanced Downtown experience.

Always nearby, look for their scarlet red uniforms or call:
Ambassadors: 250-572-3008 and
Safety Patrol: 250-572-3009
8 am – 4 pm Monday to Friday.

Office: #202 – 246 2nd Avenue, Kamloops BC, V2C 2C9
Safety Patrol
We report unsafe conditions, crime, graffiti, and vagrancy around the downtown core and report/refer aggressive panhandlers and homeless to outreach facilities that may assist them. As well, our team assists the RCMP and Community Services/By Law with crime prevention strategies and initiatives in a non-aggressive capacity.
We are an embodiment of hospitality, welcoming both locals and visitors to Downtown Kamloops. The Ambassadors can provide helpful information on

- Historical points of interest
- Events and activities
- Downtown attractions and entertainment
- Retail, restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs
- Parking and accommodations

There are two main components to the CAP team’s job.

  1. Safety and Patrol: monitor designated hotspots, dispose of needles and assist businesses and the public.
  2. Ambassadors: assist tourists and locals while also helping plan and execute downtown BIA events.

Drug Paraphernalia
We will clean up drug paraphernalia including needles, naloxone kits, cooking spoons, pipes, and tin foil.

Basic First Aid
First aid refers to the emergency or immediate care provided when a person is injured or ill until full medical treatment is available. For minor conditions, first aid care may be enough. For serious problems, first aid care should be continued until more advanced care becomes available.

We, like any good citizens, can pick up basic litter. Our many other duties prevent us from cleaning large messes on City and private property.

Safe Walk
A service we offer to the businesses in our BIA is an escort to/from your car or business. This is accessible between 8 am- 4 pm, Monday to Friday with an available team.

Tourism / Visitor Inquiries
We provide general info about Kamloops’s downtown core. You will see us at BIA events and attractions.

The CAP team patrols the area from 1st Ave to 10th Ave, and from the north side of Columbia St down to the Rivers trail.

No. While the CAP team works closely with the City, they are not City employees.

No, the CAP team are employees of the Downtown Kamloops Business Improvement Association.

The Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association (Downtown Kamloops) is a non-profit organization that employs the CAP Team. Many generous partners help support and sponsor the team. Sources of funding include The Government of Canada, Canada Summer Jobs, Tourism Kamloops, The City of Kamloops, and many other community organizations.