ILLUMINATING KAMLOOPS WITH FRANCOPHONE-INFUSED STREET ART: Artist Turbo Bambi and CSF Students Create Cheerful Mural in Street Art Workshop to Celebrate Cultural Heritage.

In a celebration of artistic collaboration and cultural heritage, French-Canadian artist Turbo Bambi joined forces with the students of Kamloops Francophone High School to create a vibrant mural through a street art workshop. Located at 260 4th Avenue within the renowned Kamloops Back Alley Art Gallery circuit, this colourful mural celebrates the francophone communities of Kamloops and British Columbia. Completed in early June, this awe-inspiring mural illuminates the alley with a cheerful spirit, showcasing the city’s cultural heritage through contemporary street art.

Earlier this June, the French-Canadian artist Turbo Bambi came from Revelstoke to lead a dynamic and colourful street art workshop with the students of Kamloops francophone high school (CSF). Magali Tejada, the teacher who initiated the collaboration, spearheaded the logistics and organization, with a dedicated team of teachers supporting the project’s realization. In collaboration with students from grades 7 to 9, Turbo Bambi guided the creation of a mural inspired by the Francophone culture, using her distinctive style. The participants had the opportunity to learn techniques on mural art and acrylic painting, making this workshop an enriching creative experience.

Created by the French-Canadian artist Turbo Bambi in collaboration with the students of École Collines-D’Or, the vibrant mural celebrates the francophone communities thriving locally and capturing the essence of diversity through a vivid array of colours. Appearing on the wall of 260 4th Avenue, the word “bonjour!” emerges in white on a blue backdrop as a nod to Quebec’s flag, inviting the viewers to engage with the warmth and friendliness it represents. Inspired by British Columbia’s breathtaking landscape, the mural incorporates iconic elements like the Eiffel Tower and the sugar maples of Quebec, symbolizing the coexistence of multiple francophone backgrounds within the province. Often represented in her artwork, Turbo Bambi’s cheerful characters come to life within the mural, bringing a powerful message of solidarity among francophone communities across BC.

Grade 7 – 9 students from École Collines-D’Or in Kamloops, BC with Muralist Turbo Bambi

Blending the lines from backcountry to canvas, Bambi’s passion for the outdoors feeds her desire to create. As a passionate explorer of snow, surf, and skate culture, the French-Canadian artist, based in Revelstoke, BC, translates her exhilarating ART-doorsy adventures into vibrant street art that breaks free from the constraints of realism. Each piece she creates is infused with a sense of joy and whimsy, inviting viewers to escape into a world of fantasy.

Experience the mesmerizing journey of Kamloops’ newest mural at 260 4th Avenue, where creativity flourishes, and explore the workshop and mural’s “behind the scenes” process by visiting or @turbobambi_design.

To check out more of Bambi’s work across BC, click here!

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